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2nd Stage of the 2017 Edition of the AFROSAI Women Leadership Academy.


Meeting in Bonn, Germany, for the second stage of the AFROSAI Women Leadership Academy (WLA) program, women in African SAIs continue their journey towards women's leadership...




From 04 to 15 December 2017, a study tour was organized for the benefit of AFROSAI WLA academicians, by the AFROSAI General Secretariat and the GIZ GFG Program.


This activity marks the second stage of the 2017 edition of this innovative program of AFROSAI. Its main objective was to foster learning, exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing between academicians and staff of SAIs (Germany and Europe), GIZ, and the German Ministry of Cooperation.


It also aimed to continue the leadership lessons started during the launch workshop held in Dakar, while introducing learners to communication, feedback, team management, and conflict management skills, etc.


To achieve this, "Leadership dialogues" have been organized with the heads of the above-mentioned host institutions. To these, the facilitators and supervisors of the Academy committed for this purpose, alternated between theoretical courses and group discussions, to stick the lessons taught to practice.


The Bonn meeting was also a great forum for the presentation by the academicians of the state of progress of the implementation of their reform project. These presentations enabled the joint SG / AFROSAI-GIZ team in charge of managing the WLA project to gauge the level of maturity of these reform projects in the SAIs participating in the Program.


In addition, these presentations enabled the team to collect relevant indicators leading to the choice of four (04) projects, which will benefit from the financial and technical support of GIZ.


Therefore, the following projects were selected to benefit from the aforementioned support:




Title the Project

Académician /ISC

Elaboration of the Gender Strategy of the Niger Court of Accounts

Fatchima MAHAMANE  SANTY of SAI Niger

Implementation of a communication strategy of the SAI with internal and external stakeholders


Strengthening the capacity of auditors in SAI Botswana

Keneilwe SENYARELO of SAI Botswana

Development of Checklist for Audit of SDGs Implementation in the    Public Sector

Chekumanyara Muchaneta  of SAI Zimbabwe




There is no doubt that the support envisaged will help to finalize the implementation of these projects, which will bring a certain added value to the SAIs concerned.


The journey to women's leadership for academicians continues, the next stop will be in Pretoria, South Africa, during the month of April 2017...