During his 56nd meeting held on July 07, 2021 online, the Steering Committee of AFROSAI examined the draft Statute resulting from the work of the Task Force responsible for this revision in its draft 2. The purpose of this examination was to adopt the said project during from the 15nd AFROSAI General Assembly before its entry into force. However, having regard to the many discussions and proposals raised during this meeting, the Steering Committee proposed to the General Assembly to postpone the discussions and the adoption of the new Statutes to the second part of the 15nd General Assembly which will focus on technical points and will be organized by the end of the year, in the event of improvement in sanitary conditions.

He also extended the mandate of the Task Force in charge of drafting the Statutes to continue in the meantime, to lead the work with the support of the AFROSAI General Secretariat.

It is in this context that this 2nd meeting to update the draft of AFROSAI's statutes by the General Secretariat which, in addition to updating the project taking into account the new proposals and discussion resulting from the 56nd meeting of the Steering Committee, will prepare the work of the Task Force.

The said meeting is held from October 18 to 22, 2021, in the seaside town of Kribi in Cameroon


The general objective of this meeting is to examine the relevance and the validity of the various comments and contributions made by the member SAIs to the draft proposed for adoption at the 15nd AG with a view to their inclusion in the draft statutes.

A modification of the Statutes necessarily entailing that of the other texts of the Organization, it will also be a question of:

  • Update the draft Rules of Procedure of the Steering Committee;
  • Update the draft Financial Regulations as necessary.