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A word by AFROSAI Chairman

Beyond the constantly growing membership of SAIs, the vitality of our Organization is demonstrated by the many official languages that we use. These various elements highlight our constant concern to be inclusive in our development by taking into account the cultural and institutional diversity of our membership, as well as the quest for what unites us rather than what differentiates us. It is the quest for this lowest common denominator that has led us to poll our energies to promote the sound management of public finances in our respective States, with more than conclusive results in recent years.

As we all can see, we have resolutely focused on a dynamic of modernization, good governance and diversification of our activities. Linguistic differences, which hitherto, constituted barriers between the various components of the Organization, are today opportunities for our Organization to make the most of its diversity and operate in a constantly changing environment. AFROSAI has, thus, reached such a degree of maturity that the majority of members participate in the activities of commissions and technical committees responsible for steering projects that aim to help Supreme Audit Institutions achieve their missions under optimal condition 

All this has happened as a result of the commitment of all the members who spared no effort to advance our common cause. This progress has also been achieved thanks to the assistance of our technical and financial partners, to whom I would like to express our great appreciation for their firm and constant support.

Nevertheless, while appreciating the progress we have made, it seems even more appropriate to focus on the capacity of our Organization to cope with an extremely changing environment and to make the voices of African SAIs heard in an audible manner. We are therefore expected, through our commitment, to give a more concrete content to the role that we should play in promoting good public governance as a vector for emergence and stability on our continent.

To achieve this aim, I strongly hope that our journey will be successful, to make AFROSAI a model Organization.



                        Chairman of AFROSAI 

Counsellor    Hesham BADAWY


                                                                                                                                                               Chairperson   of the Accountability          State Authority (ASA) of Egypt                   State Authority (ASA) of Egypt