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AFROSAI, the African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, is a group of 53 institutions in charge of auditing public finance at the highest level in each African state. It has in its midst Technical Commissions and Working Groups dedicated to technical issues, like the Working Group on Environmental Audit, also called AFROSAI WGEA.

This Working Group is mandated to :

-       Contribute to SAIs' understanding of specific issues related to environmental auditing;

-       Facilitate the exchange of information and experiences between SAIs;

-       Update and improve environmental auditing standards and tools, including the issuance of guidelines and other information materials.

As such, it is a melting pot, a laboratory in which all the environmental concerns facing SAIs from Africa and all other continents are tackled. It therefore seeks relevant, global and up-to-date answers to various environmental auditing issues.

Since the last meeting of the AFROSAI Steering Committee, the Working Group has been engaged in various capacity-building and knowledge-sharing activities. The purpose of these activities was to contribute to building the capacities of SAIs to carry out their missions of supporting African governments and other public bodies in environmental management in the region. In accordance with its mandate, AFROSAI WGEA promotes the use of environmental and sustainable development mandates and audit methods by Working Group members and non-member SAIs.

AFROSAI WGEA is currently chaired by Cameroon's Supreme Audit Institution.