Strategic plan 2022-2027

       AFROSAI's Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2027 was adopted during the 15th AFROSAI General Assembly held in July 2021 in Dakar, at SENAGAL.

The previous AFROSAI strategic plan was adopted during the 13th AFROSAI General Assembly held in October 2014 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The evaluation of its implementation has highlighted some positive aspects in terms of results achieved. She especially highlighted the difficulties with which AFROSAI was confronted during the period under review as well as the challenges that concern it, with regard to its environment and the evolution of the context for some of its members. 

      This Strategic Plan defines AFROSAI's priorities for the next six years, from 2022 to 2027. experience sharing, resource mobilization, as well as how we will operate as an International Organization. This Plan is also a common action program for the entire African community of public auditors, in which SAIs will choose the approaches and lines of work that will enable them to have the greatest impact in their particular context.

The methodology applied in this Strategic Plan is based on the “results-based management” (RBM) approach. Thus, within each of the Organization's strategic priorities, distinctions are made between the following (causally linked) levels of intervention:

Important high-level changes (impacts) induced by the implementation of the Strategic and Institutional Plan of AFROSAI members.

Improved Situations (outcomes) made possible in the strategic cycle through the use of the main products of AFROSAI by its member SAIs, its partners and its own bodies.

Goods and services of strategic importance (outputs) provided by AFROSAI to its member SAIs, partners and other target groups.

Major processes (important activities) ensuring the transformation of AFROSAI's available resources into strategically important products

Human, technical and financial resources (inputs, inputs) required for the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

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